:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Friday 22nd of February 2019


Accommodation services to students are handled by a semi-autonomous section known as Mbeya University of Science and Technology Students Accommodation Bureau (MUSTSAB) which is headed by the Bureau Manager under the DSA. It is charged with the duty of overseeing effective management of student accommodation facilities and equipment. It also coordinates and administers the accommodation services at acceptable standards

Currently, the bureau manages four hostel blocks that cater for students accommodation needs with a capacity of 2100 students. MUSTSAB apart from accommodating students, it also accommodates local visitors, seminars conferences and sports/games participants during long vacation; i.e. from July to September at a negotiable rate.

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  1. Accomodation policy
  2. Accomodation Guidelines
  3. Application for Accomodation

Staff Members

Name: Mr. Kenneth J. Mwampashe

Title:Senior Students Counselor and MUSTSA Bureau Manager

Education:MA Ed. PA (RUCU), B. Ed (UDSM), Dip. in Ed (Monduli), CALP (Mart Nyegezi)

E-Mail: kmwampashe@yahoo.com


Name: Ms. Emmy Samwel Mwasalwiba

Title:Warden I

Education:BA in HR (Mzumbe)

E-Mail: emmykimoge@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Emmanuel R. Msangi

Title:Warden II

Education:BA with Ed. (Mkwawa)

E-Mail: emsangi8@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Judith Praygod Athuman

Title:Warden II

Education:BA with Ed (UDSM)

E-Mail: judithpraygod@gmail.com


Name: Chacha O. Matete

Title:Warden II

Education:BA. Ed (RUCU), Dip. in Ed. (Butimba), Teaching License (Butimba), On Masters Studies (SAUT)

E-Mail: chachamatete@yahoo.com


Name: Ms. Helen Benedict Kapinga

Title:Warden II

Education:BA with Ed (UDSM)

E-Mail: hkapinga@gmail.com


Name: Ms. Salome Faustine Mdemu

Title:Warden II

Education:BA. with Ed. (St. Augustine), Cert. of Journalism and Mass Communication (St. Augustine)

E-Mail: mdemusalome@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. William Tengia

Title:Janitor I

Education:BBA Marketing (OUT); FTC (D.I.T); CYP Dip. in Youth Development Work (OUT); Cert. in Instructor Methodology Course (Morogoro VTTC), on Masters Studies (UoI)

E-Mail: williamtengia@yahoo.com


Name: Ms. Janeth Gabriel Kwira

Title:Janitor I

Education:Dip. in Social Work (TEKU), Cert. in Social Work (ISW), Cert. in Ed. (Kinda Care), on Bachelor Degree Studies (TEKU)

E-Mail: janethkwira2016@gmail.com


Name: Mr. Alcuin Mtweve

Title:Janitor II

Education:Dip. in Ed. (Morogoro)

E-Mail: almtweve@yahoo.com


Name: Ayoub Juma Mrisho

Title:Janitor II

Education:Dip. in Comm. Development (CDTI), on Bachelor Degree Studies (MNMA)

E-Mail: yubmrisho@yahoo.com