:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Saturday 20th of January 2018


The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for taking care of all forms of students' welfare matters (personal, social, spiritual, etc), including accommodation as part of the universities intention to provide a conducive learning environment to its students.

Accommodation services in the students' hostels are handled by a semi-autonomous unit known as Mbeya University of Science and Technology Students Accommodation Bureau (MUSTSAB) which was approved by the University Council on 7th October 2016. The Bureau is charged with the duty of overseeing effective management of students' accommodation facilities as well as coordinating and administering the accommodation services at acceptable standards. Currently, the University has four hostel blocks namely, 6A, 6B, 8C and 8D with a total of 2100 vacant spaces to accommodate both Undergraduate and Ordinary Diploma Students at a time.

Accommodation services on campus are obtained at reasonable rates. Student By-Laws, Policy guidelines and the Accommodation Application Forms contain important rules and regulations which are set to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency in utilisation of accommodation facilities.

Due to limited accommodation spaces available, the following criteria is used in allocating rooms to students in the given order of priority after a students' accommodation application to MUSTSAB.

  1. Students with special needs
  2. Foreign students;
  3. Ordinary Diploma Full Time Government Sponsored Students;
  4. Female first year students;
  5. Female continuing students;
  6. Male first year Ordinary Diploma
  7. Male first year undergraduate students
  8. MUSTSO leaders of priority ministries.
  9. Finalist male undergraduate students,
  10. Continuing male undergraduate students.

Students Accommodation Guidelines

Students Accommodation Policy