:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Thursday 24th of May 2018

The Research and Publications Unit at MUST is responsible for coordination and administration of all Research and publications activities conducted by MUST staff.

General Objectives of Research and Publications unit include:-

  • To promote and Coordinate Research and Publication activities at the University.
  • To motivate members of MUST to develop and instill confidence of conducting Research and Publication activities to MUST staff.
  • Facilitate the development of job creation culture (Entrepreneurship education development).
  • Include Scientific thinking so as to promote the development of critical and logical habit of thinking and organization of ideas.
  • Generate funds from Research and Publication activities.
  • Provide to the society and community, the benefits of Technological Advancement improvement of job performance and sustainable management of environment.
  • Develop improved theoretical modes in different areas of specialization so as to contribute to quality and relevance of the course offered.
  • Publicize research findings, create data base and disseminate research findings.
  • Collaborate with other Institutions in matters pertaining to Research activities.
  • Solicit Research and allocating them to departments expertise etc.

Specific Objectives of Research and Publication Unit

  • Assist Departments to prepare Research acquisition strategic plan.
  • Promote good report writing/findings and plan for effective means of dissemination.
  • Conduct workshops, Conferences and Seminars.
  • Broaden the skills/knowledge of the teaching staff and technicians within the Institute.
  • Provide incentives from profit made so as to raise staff morale.
  • To be custodians of Research and Consultancy reports and disseminate findings for academic and other users.

    Head, Research and Publication Unit.
    Dr.Visent Kipene - PhD(SUA), MBA(SUA), BSc Ed(SUA), Dip.Ed.(Monduli)

    Email: visentkipene@mist.ac.tz / kipene2015@gmail.com

    Supporting staff
    Miss Shukuru sanga, Dipl. Secret. (Shukrani Centre),

    College, Institute and School Research Coordinators

    College of Engineering and Technology (CET)
    Mr. Wambura Mwita, MSc Mech.Eng(CPUT-SA)

    Institute of Science and Technology (IST)
    Violet Godwin, MSc(Nairobi University), Bsc(UDSM)

    School of Business Studies (SBS)
    Dr. Asheri Mwidege, PhD(SUA), MA(UDSM), BSc(UDSM), Dip.Ed(Mkwawa)