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Wednesday 24th of July 2019
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There is a card catalogue located on the ground floor, Library users are advised to visit the catalogue before going to the shelves. The catalogue is divided into three separate catalogues:
a. The author catalogue
b. The title catalogue
c. The subject catalogue

A. Author Catalogue
This is an alphabetical index on 5" x 3" cards. The cards show the kind of materials the Library has by individuals, societies, official bodies etc. Materials are entered under the surname of the author. If there is no author, the entry is under the title of the text. Works by institutions and societies are entered under their names, except official organizations, which are usually entered first under the country from which they emanate, followed by the name of the organization.

B. Subject Catalogue
This is an alphabetical index on 5" x 3" cards arranged by subject headings which show the subject contents of the books. If a book deals with three separate subjects a subject card will be filed in the catalogue for each of them.

C. Title Catalogue
This is an index on 5" x 3" cards in which books and other works are listed only under their titles usually arranged alphabetically.