:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Wednesday 24th of July 2019
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Library Rules and Regulations
The rules are meant to ensure equal access to all library resources and facilities. Library staff will check all items being taken out of the library.
1. All registered staff and students of MUST are entitled to use the library services. Users must have current MUST identity card which must be produced when borrowing library materials and at any time on the request.
2. The person registered and given library borrowing cards is responsible for all materials borrowed on those cards. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the library office which issued them. Replacement of lost borrowing cards will be charged TShs. 500 per card.
3. All materials borrowed from the library must be returned by the due date and time. Borrowers with overdue materials may not be permitted to borrow additional items or renew other items until such time as all overdue items are returned.
4. Any borrower, who fails to return books from the lending section on the due date, shall pay a fine of 200 shillings per book each day until the book has been returned. The fine for special reserve items is Tsh.500 per day.
5. Users are liable for the cost of replacement or repair of all materials lost, damaged or defaced while on loan to them.
6. Students may borrow up to two books which they may keep for two weeks. Teaching staff may borrow books for three weeks.
7. Books may be renewed for a further period. No book may be renewed a second time.
8. Library reserves the right to call back any issued book/ item at any time.
9. The head of library shall reserve the right, subject to the approval of the library committee, to prohibit or restrict the borrowing of certain kind of books. He/ she also reserves the right, subject to the approval of library committee to exclude any person from using the library owing to persistent disrespect of the library regulations, or any other adequate reasons which shall be considered to be undesirable in his/her opinion.
10. Unauthorized removal or attempted unauthorized removal of any item from the library will be regarded as a serious offence.
11. Library users must abstain from behavior which would cause disturbance to other users. The library is a study area and noise must be kept to a minimum.
12. Smoking, eating and drinking in the library are forbidden, and users should not bring food and/or drink to the library.
13. Readers must not take bags, briefcases, etc into the library.
14. Library staff are authorized to take appropriate action to ensure that all library users comply with these regulations. Breach of these regulations may lead to disciplinary procedures including those specified in the University students’ by laws and Staff Regulations.