:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Wednesday 24th of July 2019
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Libary Staff

The University Library is not just about books!, It is managed by experienced and friendly staffs who can answer your queries and help you to access and use the resources effectively. The Library staff team is made up of the following:

Head of Library Unit

Name:Mr. Novatus Luanda

E-Mail: nluanda@yahoo.com


Deputy Head of Library Unit

Name: Mrs. Justina Lwankomezi

E-Mail: justinalwankomezi@yahoo.com


Name: Christina Sipuka

E-Mail: frank.christiner@gmail.com


Name: Gwantwa Mwakasangula



Name: Petronila Makwinya

E-Mail: pmakwinya3@gmail.com

Name: Ashary Sichela

E-Mail: sichelaasharyjaphary@gmail.com

Name: Emile Mdete

E-Mail: emmymdete@ymail.com

Name: Atulinda Kabigumila

E-Mail: atulindakk@gmail.com

Name: Neema Kibaja

E-Mail: neemakibaja@gmail.com

Name: Erica Lazaro

E-Mail: ericalazaromatulu@gmail.com

Name: Neema Kimeme

E-Mail: nkimeme@yahoo.com

Name: Happy Shunda

E-Mail: Happyshunda@gmail.com