:::::Mbeya University of Science and Technology (MUST)
Wednesday 24th of July 2019


Sports and games play an important role in fostering students academic profession, academic mindset, network building and attaining good health. In achieving this goal, the University has continuously maintained its sports and games facilities which include: 3 soccer pitch, 1 big and modern sports hall (for indoor games), 3 volleyball ground, 2 basketball ground, 2 lawn tennis ground, 2 netball ground and 2 handball ground. Other games within the University include pool table, draft, dancing, singing, Mr. and Miss Competitions, etc. In the presence of all these facilities, it enabled majority of students and staff members to participate in various sports activities.

In recognizing the importance of sports and games, the University employed two qualified staff to organize, guide and promote the value of sports and games in the learning arena to both students and staff. Athletes are supported administratively and financially to participate in friendly matches within the region and inter-institutional games if and when resources are available

Staff Members

Name: Gernoth Augustino Sanga

Title:Senior Sports Tutor

Education:MA Ed. (TEKU), B. Ed. - PESC (UDSM)

E-Mail: sangagernoth@yahoo.com


Name: Mr. Ally Salehe Kabelwa

Title:Games Tutor II

Education:B. Ed in PESS (UDSM), Dip. in Sec. Ed.(Korogwe TTC)

E-Mail: Kabelwaally2@gmail.com